The work on Serial Doubles began in the late 1990s.
Sorting out photographs in the possession of portrayed persons, Ana recorded their changes through earlier images and those from the times spent with them.
Different guises were than transferred into drawings on transparent materials, foils or tracing papers. Overlapping these materials she mapped and followed the transformations of her friends building an a topography of their changing psychological and existential situations.
This serial is also a possibility for portrayed individuals to have an insights of shifting ideas about themselves. Serial Doubles explores how the structures of societies affect us personally considering our shifting of notions on identity and diverse theories of belonging. In this series, Ana is giving  attention to individual voices confronted with ideas of identity formed in group dynamics within particular societal shifts, and  explores how we can find new points of connectivity. 

Ink pigments on foils in four layers
32x29cm, made in Vienna
©️ANA AHA 2016
From the Auction of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2016
This work is no longer available 

SERIal doubles EDItion hans reh

In her solo exhibition The Third View  2015 in collaboration with Hans Reh  in Vienna, the same practice of building an image has been applied to discuss an immersive view about ourselves and our public image.

Mixed mediums on foils in three layers
32x29cm, made in Vienna
©️ANA AHA 2014

Be Careful
Spray and ink on cardboard and foil in three layers
32x29cm, made in Zürich 
©️ANA AHA 2014