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The work shown on this site is an overview of recently accomplished
handcrafted and digital drawings, graphics and paintings.
Here you have your favourites from my studio, chosen by visitors and friends.
I am continually updating this site, depending on my workflow,
so that you can see most recent images of my work.

Please, do not hesitate contacting me if you are interested in a given work
 by referring to its Archive Number, or if you would like to
discuss a commission. Inquiries are welcomed.

If you want to know more about my current project  that 
I developed in communication with owners of my works, 
please contact me.

Thank you.


ANA  AHA, is a European based artist born in Yugoslavia whose studio is in Vienna, Austria. She studied Graphic and Painting in Expanded Pictorial Space 
at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her work has been exhibited in museums and biennials in Europe. Regarding Ana’s work, she has initiated numerous artistic happenings and activities, and has given interviews to magazines and for books while also appearing on European TV and Radio programs.

Prussian Blue Leave 
Print on paper with signature stamp
Presented by Praise Shadows Gallery, Boston, USA
Produced in Studio Stinehour Editions, Vermont, USA
Praise Shadows worked with Vermont-based studio Stinehour Editions to 
masterfully translate the rich colors of drawings to limited edition prints. 

Original ink drawing on paper (37 x 26,5 cm /  14,5 x 10,4 In)
is part of the collection S. A. USA
To read more about this work please visit  DRAWN CONVERSATION 
on this Website.

To inquire this print, please visit online view of the gallery.


Archive Number 210/F/2021
Digital drawing on photography
 various dimensions,
printed on aluminium dibond plate
Made in Vienna©️ANA AHA2021

 Attic  2022
Archive Number 13/P/2022
Oil on Canvas 80x80x20cm

Phthalo Green 2021
Archive Number 9/P/2021
Handcrafted pigment on Cardboard
Framed, 25x29cm
Made in Vienna ©️ANA AHA 2022

Flower Greetings Joke 2021
Archive Number 14/P/2021
Painted version of  photography
Flower Greetings 2020
Oil on Canvas 50x60cm
Commissioned original  in private collection Canada,
photographed by B. Flowers
Made in Vienna ©️ANA AHA 2022