Folded canvases and self made colors

Cycle of paintings COLOR & SPACE

Cycle based on projects of art in public spaces ( 2006-2015). Working on wall paintings in larger formats opened up an opportunity to explore greater, partially vast, surfaces of applied color in different architectural settings and lighting conditions.
The research and tactile experienced subtle changes within expanding bodies and values of colors resulted in a cycle of paintings, Color & Space , that began in 2012 and has become a recurrent in ANA AHA‘s work. Artist used partially her own handmade colors, papers and other materials for these constructions. Her folded canvases encompass historical research about the use and preparation of pigments, and the eminence and meaning of colors within different cultures. Artist is focusing on the imaginative and psychological potential of different hues of colors and their interaction within architectural contexts.

Paintings: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Payne‘s Gray
folded canvases and handmade colors, 60x80x20cm  80x80x20cm,  made in Vienna, 2012 - 2022
Installation: Color Wheel Baldachine
folded canvas, acrylic spray and handmade colors, 300x100x50cm, made in Vienna, 2021

 Painting, folded canvases and handmade colors, 
80x80x20cm, made in Vienna, 2016
©️ANA AHA 2016